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Football Defensive Details


Remember, this chart is for tracking your player’s performance only. The plays recorded are not necessarily consecutive throughout a game. Several plays may occur that are not recorded because they do not involve your player.

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Suggested Use of the Defensive Statistics Chart
The "DEFENSIVE STATISTICS" chart was designed to allow tracking of your player’s statistics while on defense.

The suggested method for tracking your player’s defensive performance will also depend on what position he is playing at the time. The chart is separated by quarter and defensive series. A "Defensive Series" is defined as the consecutive downs that the opposing offense has control of the ball before either giving the ball back to your offense or scoring. "Tally Marks" are made in the appropriate columns with the exception of any "Yardage" columns. A description of the columns and uses are as follows: 

"Tackles" are recorded in the 1st column. There was no other player assisting your player in these tackles.
"AssistedTackles" can be recorded in the 2nd column. Your player either helped or was helped in the tackle recorded.

"Sacks" are recorded in the next column followed by the "Yards For Loss". A "Sack" is defined as any tackle for loss or behind the line of scrimmage.

"Hurries" are recorded in the 5th column. This occurs when the quarterback is rushed into throwing the ball before he was ready. Usually the result of the pass is an incompletion, but not always. 

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