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Baseball Edition - Defensive Details


Remember, this chart is for tracking your player’s performance only. The plays recorded are not necessarily consecutive throughout a game. Several plays may occur that are not recorded because they do not involve your player.


Quote From Instructions:

Suggested Use of the Defensive Statistics Chart
The "DEFENSIVE STATISTICS" chart was designed to allow tracking of plays made while the player is in the field.
The suggested method for tracking your player’s defensive performance is to make an "X" wherever he/she has the opportunity to make a stop. Circle the "X" for stops that are made. The chart is designed with nine innings’ worth of defensive statistics. In the circle that contains an "I", insert the inning number for which the plays are being recorded. In the circle that contains a "P", insert the position number that your player is playing. For each inning, six separate defensive plays can be recorded using the boxes designated "PLAY" and "OUT". Record the play using a combination of the numbers and letters shown in the "Abbreviation Chart" and the "Out" count, if the play resulted in an out, in the designated boxes. If more than six "PLAY" boxes are required, simply go to another box and record the inning number as before and continue recording stops.

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